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This page describes for you the complete selection of the soaps we are proud to offer!

Country Bubbles Soaps will clean the dirtiest skin, yet are gentle enough to use on a baby.

They are mild enough to be used on both your body and face.  You will want to keep a bar by the sink to use as hand soap.  The man in your life will even enjoy shaving with our soap.

Please read the descriptions carefully.  Each description mentions if there are any colorings or botanical additives in the soap.  If redness or irritation occurs, please discontinue use.

There is a shipping chart at the bottom of the page to help you estimate your postage costs.

Each bar weighs a generous 4.25 - 4.75 ounces and is $5.00 a bar plus postage.

Apples 'n Spice....a delicious scent that smells like spiced Apple Cider.  Contains just a smidgen of ground cinnamon..... enough to add character to the soap, but not enough to irritate your skin.  The color of this soap is a reddish-brown, like apples 'n spice!  You're sure to like this one !


Baby Powder.... Everyone loves the smell of a fresh clean baby. You will love this extra gentle baby soap that is made with calendula infused oils (to be extra kind to baby's skin), scented with this recognizable soft powdery baby scent, and finally, hand stamped with our little giraffe friend. This soap will make the perfect gift for a baby shower or even your own baby.

NO COLOR is added to this soap.

Bay Rum....a classic fragrance.  Appropriate for anyone, but especially popular with men.


Black Tea....this hard to describe intriguing scent has a mysterious smoky tobacco cedar smell. I want to be careful and not offend my non-tobacco friends and just tell you that this fragrance is wonderful.

With notes of bergamot, lemon, and orange, this blend winds down with black tea leaves, jasmine, cedarwood, amber, and musk.

We used black walnut hull powder for the brown in this beautiful soap giving it a gentle exfoliating property.

This soap has become a customer favorite!



Breakfast Bar....we had fun naming this soap!  It is a goat milk & oatmeal soap...hence, Breakfast Bar!

This soap lathers like no other.  It is incredible.  The finely ground oats give it gentle exfoliating properties.  It almost feels like you've just used lotion after you've washed with this soap.

Made with our own Jersey milk!

No fragrance or color is added to this soap.


Cucumber Melon....a delightful combination of light summery fragrances.  It is light and fresh.  This colored soap is  light green with a swirl of peach color.

A customer favorite !!


Double Mint....a fun uplifting blend of peppermint & spearmint essential oils.  Colored with just a swirl of aqua mica.  This soap will definitely brighten your day!



English Rose....reminiscent of bygone days, this feminine fragrance is lovely and gentle.  It makes you think of a lady of distinction, going to tea.  Not overbearing, this fragrance does not linger heavily like a perfume.



Frankincense & Myrrh....was there ever a question these two belonged together?  This is a gentle, delightful blend.  Smells vaguely similar to a soft vanilla. 

No color added.




Grapefruit-Lime....a combination of two delightful essential oils.  It is light and refreshing.  It will definitely perk up your day! Grapefruit Lime is a family favorite. This is the soap our son chose when he left to travel the world.


Green Apple....that special scent of green apples.  This refreshing scent does not linger on the skin.



Herbal Sensation....This soap has the sweet scent of patchouli, lavender, & vanilla!  If you love earthy scents, then you're sure to enjoy this one.

This custom blend of essential oils has quickly become a customer favorite!

No color added.


Holiday Spice....this is a custom blend of some wonderful spicy scents!  Holiday Spice contains essential oils of orange, cinnamon, clove, and moreYou won't find this blend anywhere else!  Use your imagination and try to imagine how good this spicy blend really is!

Not recommended for someone with sensitive skin.

No color added.

Signature Blend


Indian Summer.... a farmer's market favorite!This fruity blend has little strawberry seeds added.  They are NOT scratchy, they just make for a wonderful soap.

This is my favorite soap to give as a gift!

No color added.


Jasmine.... a lovely floral fragrance.  Just like the real Jasmine flowers.  Very popular.



Lavender Fields....Essential oil of Lavender gives this soap a classic fragrance. We've added finely ground lavender buds to give this soap a mild exfoliating property.

Lavender Fields has the exact same amount of lavender oil in it as Lavender Lace. The only difference is your preference. Do you want natural and exfoliating or purple and smooth?

No color added.

P.S. Lavender Fields is one of our best-sellers!


Lemon-Nutmeg....another favorite.  A crisp lemongrass essential oil scent with a dash of nutmeg stirred in.

No color added.


MaMa's Blend....this is a custom blend of essential oils.  MaMa's Blend contains essential oils of orange, peppermint, and a touch of patchouli !  You won't find this blend anywhere else!  This scent is a bit earthy and reminds me of walking into a health-food store.

No color added.

Signature Blend


Milk & Honey Soap....this golden colored soap has a lather fit for a queen!  This milk soap lathers richly and is ever so kind to the skin!

Made with our own Jersey milk and LOCAL honey!

No fragrance or color is added to this soap.



Oak Leaves & Acorns....rustic pine, wild violets and fall leaves are the center of this intriguing scent.  Calendula petals are stirred into the soap, with a few on the top.

No color added.



Oatmeal Honey Spice....this is a gentle soap, soothing to the skin, with ground oats and honey, topped off with a mild blend of spicy essential oils.  You won't find this blend anywhere else!  If you click on the picture to enlarge it, you can see the ground oats. The new soaps have a few oats sprinkled on top.

No color added.

Signature Blend


Sandalwood....the scent of Sandalwood is highly valued and sought after around the world.  This fragrance is a bit earthy, but very soft and pleasant.

No color added.



Simply Lye Soap....this soap is as plain and basic as it comes!  It's simply soap!

No fragrance or color is added to this soap.
 of my very favorites!  The essential oil gives this soap its brown color.

No color added.


White Sage.... This soap has a fresh, clean scent of sage. Not overpowering. Kind of woodsy.



Shipping Prices for SOAP ONLY
Purchase Amount Postage (based on weight)
   1 to 2 bars $   4.15
   3 to 6 bars $   6.00
   7 to 9 bars $   6.55
  10 to 30 bars $   9.00
   31 to 60 bars $ 13.56

We have put a great deal of effort into figuring out how many soaps will fit into which boxes,
giving you the most economical shipping rates possible.
We hope this handy little chart will help you in your shopping with us.


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